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Resources and opportunities

More Like US offers the following resources:

  • Lesson plan on the Perception Gap, designed for a single class period for secondary students, especially those in high school
  • Detailed guide to existing Perception Gap data and resources

More Like US offers these opportunities:

  • For teachers and schools, More Like US offers an opportunity to work together to pilot the Perception Gap lesson plan in classrooms. Please find an application available here. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis.
  • With other non-profits, More Like US seeks partnership opportunities, including with the first Perception Gap lesson plan cohort. Email for more information.

More Like US’s Executive Director James Coan will be presenting at the Maryland Civic Education and Engagement Leadership Summit on Saturday, April 20. This will be held at Crofton High School, about 10 miles west of Annapolis. 

Finally, More Like US and AllSides are in the process of building a Similarity Hub, a one-stop-shop to view data showing overlaps across the political spectrum. 

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