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The Co-founders

Image of James Coan, Executive Director

James COan

Executive Director

  • Served as DC Alliance Co-chair and Mid-Atlantic Regional Lead for Braver Angels, one of the largest depolarization organizations, and previously co-led social media and Ambassador outreach nationally

  • Involved closely in depolarization since shortly after the 2016 election, with a main interest of reducing polarization at scale

  • Brings 10+ years of strategy consulting experience, and worked at a think tank after receiving a degree in public policy

Image of Ann Schockett, Senior Strategist

Ann Schockett

Senior Strategist

  • Served as president of the National Federation of Republican Women from January 2020 to December 2021, creating a multi-media broadcast studio and overhauling corporate fundraising and financial oversight

  • Began her more than four decades of public service as the youngest person to serve on the GOP State Committee in New York State history

  • Offers extensive private-sector experience as a businesswoman and consultant, having advised in various public relations and multi-media efforts

Image of Dane Erickson, Senior Advisor

Dane Erickson

Senior Advisor

  • Lived in seven countries as a cross-sectoral executive with experience across >60 countries on five continents

  • Served as a former strategist at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, advised multiple Democratic presidential campaigns, ran a Hollywood-founded philanthropic organization, and served as a visiting scholar at Beijing University

  • Founded a nation-wide fellowship focused on US bridge-building activities

Image of Bazi Kanani, Media Advisor

Bazi Kanani

Media Advisor

  • Served nearly 20 years as an anchor and reporter for major news organizations, including ABC News International, ABC News domestically, and NBC affiliates in major US markets

  • Offers experience as a senior communications leader and expert storyteller, particularly via videos, at the intersection of behavioral science, modern media, and public policy to create social change movements

  • Brings significant experience with racially- and culturally-diverse audiences

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